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Malmö Emergency Room Workers Say Gang Violence Putting Their Lives ‘at Risk’




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  1. So as a German I can agree with that most migrants are between 18 and 45 and male. And right now I came to Portugal not speaking the language for three months of work and within the first week I can easily order food and buy stuff in the supermarket using portuguese only. I find it really hard to believe that if you live in a country for more than a year that you can not catch the language to a certain point.
    Further more…. the German working market is nowhere near friendly to immigration. We all love the papers of education. First we have school at least 10 years, then a paper which says which school you graduated from (form of school). Then there is for most jobs a 3 year low paid learning time (sth like apprenticeship). I see a lot of posts in groups where migrants actually want to work to earn "a lot of money" "has to get payed good" and I am like yeah you fool got no skills. Also I know for a fact that one refugee has to pay at least 8000€ to get to Germany through the smuggling route. 8000€ for a pakistan/afghan or any african guy is basically what the family owns. So either debts with the smugglers or the family has sold everything. That way money from poor people is transfered to criminals and those countries they come from bleed to. Migration is a problem for everybody in that massphenomena and somehow idiots do not see it. I not voted for AFD (which is the new populist right party) because there program also wants to kill EU and it needs changes, but EU in total is a project necessary to keep Europe a global player with China and North America. And as I said I use the working and live where you want quite well. So cheers you are doing good Barbara, just the Breitbart is not a valuable source of information……that is literally stupid shit for the most part….

  2. i am definitely getting a lot out of this series you are doing and i hope you continue. i'm learning so much more details that are important to know in order to form a more complete picture of what is going on. thanks. also your background is so kick ass. good choice.

  3. I really loved this video! Because i know there are a lots of people in europe and in the rest of the world don't really know the other side of the story! Cause listen every story or whatever has different sides etc , Me personally i already knew what she's gonna say! And there are some parts she didn't mention in this video but it's all good since she mentioned the basics!! Well i gotta say my perspective now , The truth hurts but here it is!! This is europe's fault!!!!! A thousand times but not all the european countries some countries mainly germany! And ohh boy fucking italy too!!! My question now to germany WHY would you fucking accept people whether they're criminals or not! From africa and iran and iraq and south asia!!!!!!? And as well WHY would you accept a TONS of syrians into your fucking country!!!!!!? And now let's talk about italy 😂😂 Ohh gosh soo i really don't wanna talk about it but i'll talk about it anyways why the fuck would you let those criminals from africa specifically!!! Into your country!!!!? I really don't know why!!! And now let's talk about the european laws ohh man 😂😂 Soo when a fucking refugee or whatever rape and kill you just take him and put him in jail for 10 years maximum!? Really!!!!!?

    Well then i hate to break this to you bastards ( By bastards i mean the european leaders ) Ofcourse those fucking africans and south asians etc would rape white girls as long as they don't get the death penalty!!!!!!!!!! They just rape and kill white or whatever women in europe even tourists some of 'em get raped or at least hrassed my sister came to visit me here where i live and she got hrassed by a an african and south asian i guess from their looks but thankfully i saw her when she was trying to run and i pretty much killed both of 'em but thankfully none of 'em died i just fucked 'em up sooo badly!!!! So yeah they don't care cause they would just only get jailed for 10 years in prison by being imprisoned they will be fed and everything!!!!! European prisons in their opinions better than their home countries!!!!! The laws over here in europe aka in some fucking countries should be changed as soon as fucking possible!!!!! Plus they should fucking deport as many as they could asap too!!!!!
    Where i come from the gulf states union it's like the european union and it's very close to europe!!! When somebody such as a refugee etc rape and kill a person specifically a woman there they would get the death penalty IMMEDIATELY even if they just rape and don't kill!!!!! Plus we don't let in a lots of them in!!!!! We let some of 'em in but not all!!! And those people who are in they literally know the laws and they don't fuck around like what they're doing out here in some countries in europe!!!!! Cause they know they'll get fucked up very very very very very badly!!!!
    The europe union & The gulf states union are very close to each other BOTH of them have refugees etc but the refugees in some countries in the eu act sooooo differently than the refugees in the gulf states union and i'm pretty sure now you know why!! ,

    The eu should change some laws asap at least in some countries!!!! And as well they should fucking deport them as many as they could asap too!!!! .

  4. @2:05 You mean capable of bein cannon fodder and being disposable for the sake of whoever. If you think men cannot be refugees because men should throw their lives away for others and cannot be civilians, you are full of shit, tradcon shit that is. 🙂

    Someone who dehumanizes men is not supporting a good cause 🙂

  5. It's not migration, it's an invasion. Tired of the news putting the spin on showing only children and women in these groups, which only make up a small% Wish Europe would take more drastic measures before it isn't even Europe anymore. God speed to them over there

  6. There's good and bad about taking in refugees. I am an independent thinker. I live in Denmark and this is a country who learned to deal with this problem rationally. The EU know they can't fuck with Denmark in this matter. The Danes control the acceptance and integration of refugees with an eagle eye. Denmark is not a racist country. Before the shit hits the fan, they already know how many refugees they can take, they know how many immigrants they want, they know how to integrate foreigners, they know how much money to put aside to help countries in crisis. They are prepared. So no one fucks with them. Italy should also learn to think in advance.

  7. Most of them don't even have a country to protect and have to fight for, because there is no war going on there. This is just a tactic to ensure the islamazation (totally spelled that wrong) of the world, following the teachings of their old forsaken religion

  8. Last summer I was floored to see the miles of miles of exclusively male refugees. Where are your women!? Where are your children!? Did you just leave them all behind to keep the home fires burning in those active war zones you are fleeing??!

    Oh, by the way, all you silly girls from America who think it would be super fab to take a year off between high school and college to backpack through Europe- Don't Fucking Do It!

  9. i would say that is the german people fault they need to dump Miss Merklebitch and get a government with some balls.Gather up the SOB's raping kids hang them in public and get on with making their country safe.

  10. That's what happens when you have women and beta males run your country people with no backbone scumbag fucking bleeding-heart morons until you vote out them and vote someone in with some backbone that can say no to these scumbags you're doomed

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